Thursday, March 23, 2017


{TTo start off I am in no way affiliated or sponsored  by Ipsy this my personal review on this subscription.}  
        I have been receiving Ipsy bags for almost five years now and want to share with you my personal thoughts and view on this subscription. I first heard of Ipsy while watching a YouTube unboxing back in 2012, I had just had my son and was in that stage where I just needed something for me. So I decided to give this a try, I mean really $10.00 a month for 5 beauty products, sounded pretty good to me. I've been hooked since. Now I'm not obsessed with this subscription but I really do enjoy getting that little pink bag in the mail "HAPPY MAIL" really im a stay at home mom I rarely have time to go into ulta or Sephora and try make up and other beauty products, so this to me is the best alternative. I've been very impressed with the variety and brands of products I've received over last five years, to name a few I've received: Urban Decay, Tarte, bare minerals, it cosmetics, smashbox and crown brushes. That's just naming a few high end products.  What I've liked about Ipsy is that when you first sign up you fill out a questionnaire to match up you beauty Preferences, so that your not sent product you don't use. After you receive your bag you are able to review the products inside this will help better your future bags. Once you review your bag points are earned and you can spend them on other beauty products.  So my overall experience with the Ipsy beauty bag has been five star! I really look forward to every month and love trying new products that I don't get to or have never heard of. So if anyone is looking for a subscription that you get your bucks worth I would definitely recommend Ipsy.       This is my March bag 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Girls Night

     Since becoming a stay at home mom, I've realized that getting out and doing things for myself just doesn't happen as much as I would like. Maybe it's me but every time something comes up that I would like to do or be apart of I instantly get mom guilt!!! Anyone else get this? That feeling of "if I want to do this I have to make arrangements for my kids and that becomes mission impossible "  (big knot in stomach instantly) but I've found that us moms need that time away, that mental break, that refreshing two, three hours, it makes us better moms and not just SAHM's, all moms. Before my stay at home days my job to me was my get away, my social time, now I talk my husbands ear off the moment he walks through the door. So it doesn't have to be weekly but for me I might try and have a girl/me  day/night at least once a month because the feeling after having that few hours away and to myself, I feel like I can conquer all things!    -Courtney

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Preparing for Kindergarten 

       A few weeks ago kohlsen and I went to our local elementary school to register him for kindergarten. He is my oldest, so this had me feeling all sorts of emotions, as for him well he was mr. social with the teachers and other kids there.While at registration the teachers explained that kindergarten wasn't so much learning to tie shoes or hop, skipping and jumping that now they are more focused on academics, which I'm mot oblivious to the world, it just made me feel like I was sending my child to college instead of simple kindergarten. So as a parent opening this new chapter of motherhood I've been thinking of ways I can better prepare my son for kindergarten and it just so happens our school has a program called, Hooked on Kindergarten, Basically it's this plastic container that has activities in it for students to help better prepare them and the parents. So we checked out one out for the summer. After looking it over and using it for a few weeks  I thought share with others because this is totally something moms or dads can put together. The container includes: a die, scissors, colored popsicle sticks, plastic letters, alphabet mat, pasctic numbers, expo marker, and the letter factory DVD by leap forg.   So any newbies like me I thought this was awesome!!! 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Finally a Little Warmth

  I think I can speak for some when I say, "it's been a rough winter." I never been one to love the snow, tho I do enjoy it from time to time but this winter has got me going a bit stir crazy along with my kids. So yesterday was pleasantly nice to finally have a little warm weather. Kohlsen has been enjoying the snow all winter as much as I would allow due to below freezing temperatures we experienced he wasn't able to go out a lot. So today after preschool we played outside for a few minutes. This boy has the need for speed, holy cow did he burn some rubber off the soles of his boots. Tnley tho, this was her first time out since starting to walk and oh she wanted to joy kohlsen, trying to run as fast as she could. These are the simple joys of life I love treasuring the most. After enjoying the springtime warmth it has me craving that summertime heat. Suppose I should enjoy one season at a time.